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Why Donate to Missouri FCCLA A&A

Missouri Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Alumni & Associates were one of the leaders in the chartering of the Alumni & Associates organization. In fact, Missouri boast the first chartered member, Betty Garrison! Since it’s inception, Missouri A&A has been a strong supporter of FCCLA in our state.

Missouri FCCLA Alumni & Associates is an educational organization that focuses on promoting leadership through FCCLA and community involvement in efforts to teach the next generation of leaders to strive to accomplish their goal and to promote good traits for future leadership development. We attend all

Missouri FCCLA meetings and conventions to assist the current and incoming State FCCLA Officers to create conferences that inspire all members of FCCLA to reach new heights along their FCCLA and life’s journey. We promote the visions and mission of FCCLA at all times and strive to reach as many people as possible to join us.

What Does your Family/Business Get

The Chance To Make a Difference

We take leadership to a whole new level at FCCLA, not only do we constantly promote our values, we succeed in promoting other things as well such as no texting and driving. Our focus is improving the abilities of young adults in this hectic time, and with your support we will be able to continue to grow and support more young adults every year. This is an organization that you can be proud to say you sponsor.

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