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Missouri FCCLA Alumni & Associates

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Why Missouri FCCLA A&A Matters Today

Missouri Family, Career and Community Leaders of America Alumni & Associates is an educational organization that focuses on promoting leadership through FCCLA and community involvement in efforts to teach the next generation of leaders to strive to accomplish their goal and to promote good traits for future leadership development.

We attend all Missouri FCCLA meetings and conventions to assist the current and incoming State FCCLA Officers to create conferences that inspire all members of FCCLA to reach new heights along their FCCLA and life’s journey. We promote the visions and mission of FCCLA at all times and strive to reach as many people as possible to join us.

“I’m very excited and honored to serve as your Alumni and Associates State President. Your A&A state officers and I are confident that this will be a great year. Feel free to reach out to any of the state officers or myself to receive more information on how to get involved after high school and give back to the organization that’s given all of us so much!”

Evan Dodson 2016-2017 State President

The best of the best of Missouri FCCLA A&A

Officers? Or Super Awesome Fantastic FCCLA Enthusiasts?

Alexander Tipton

VP of Community Service

Alexander Tipton

Caylie James

Board Member

Caylie James

Donna Sharpe


Donna Sharpe

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